About Us




Our devoted family gives this community an extraordinary establishment; to celebrate togetherness and life's delicious offerings.




We are each self aware and create a positive effect in our community on purpose.
We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
We are dedicated to the learning, coaching, and ongoing development of each other.
We have fun while we work!
We provide a clean and safe environment for our guests and team members.
We honor individual passions, and creativity at work and at home.
We communicate openly, clearly and honestly.
We honor the relationships that connect our team, our guests and community.
We take pride in our commitment to provide quality service and a quality product.
We celebrate and reward accomplishments and “A+” players.
We support balance between home and work.
Health: We are a profitable and fiscally responsible company.
We support the physical and emotional well-being of our guests and our team members.
Our team works through support and cooperation.  



We started back in 2006 in Louisville Colorado and still today we are committed to serving wholesome quality that you can be proud of  sharing with your family and friends. Our sourdough crust is carefully  leavened to ensure a delectably flavorful texture. Unlike those other restaurants that cut costs with lower quality ingredients, we choose our ingredients because of their quality and flavor. We believe this approach has solidified our reputation of serving the best gourmet pizza in the area.  You can’t make great pizza from bad ingredients, It’s simply our  business philosophy.  


Our Sourdough Pizza is the tastiest, most  delicious pizza you’ll find anywhere. And if you should ever be  disappointed – please let us know. If we can’t make things right – we’ll  give you your money back!