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Hi Friends!

Today is Lights Out Lunch day, to participate simply come in to Double D’s from 12 to 1pm and eat lunch in the dark, just kidding it won’t be that dark because we have lot’s of windows! And don’t worry if you can’t come in because you can still participate, just call us and we’ll deliver lunch to your home or office and we’ll deliver it to you in the dark assuming you turn off your lights too! Click here and choose from any of our guaranteed lunch deals, you may have to use Internet Explorer (see below)

We want to thank everyone for letting us know about the “Attack Site” warning, unfortunately our popularity on the internet has opened us up to some real scum bags! Good news though, we have already fixed the problem and are now just waiting for the remaining browsers to remove the block which may take a bit. Meanwhile you can safely access with the most recent version of Internet Explorer. There is nothing to worry about =)

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Holiday parties? Catering problems? We welcome your last minute group orders and realize the importance of urgency. See the “real” value of DD’s compared to any other catering or delivery restaurants out there. Your team will love you for choosing our superior quality and your boss will love you for making the right choice!

Call us if you’re in the Louisville area at 303-665-5006 or,
the Westminster area at 303-410-0002 or,
Order online here!

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Happy Holidays!

Ted & Cyndi Dorr, Your Head Pizza Fanatics

#1 Pizza Fanatic Quote of the Week:

The crust is awesome and the ingredients are unique.
Stuart Roath

“Superior Quality Attracts Superior Quality Customers”

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